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Towing Services

At Ricky's Towing, we are happy to serve a number of great clients, including some of the top tow truck businesses in Virginia. Our team is committed to providing you with the excellent towing assistance you need, no matter what your needs may be.

At Ricky's Towing, we offer comprehensive towing services. Our team has you covered from light and medium duty towing, flatbed towing, motorcycle towing, car hauling, roadside assistance, and emergency towing.

Our drivers are experienced professionals who make sure that each job is done safely and efficiently. We understand the importance of a safe tow and ensure that all our customers receive our very best service.

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Heavy-duty Towing

If you need help with automobile recovery, Ricky's Towing is here to assist you. We are the best choice for those who are knowledgeable and experienced. We can provide tows for cars, trucks, boats, RVs, trailers, and more. Our staff is friendly, professional, and knowledgeable in all areas of towing.  Contact Ricky's Towing for assistance whenever you need it.

Medium-duty Towing

Our medium-duty towing service offers assistance for smaller vehicles, such as vans and sedans. We understand that you may need help in a pinch and provide towing services that are reliable and fast. Our team is prepared to handle any situation, big or small.  The success of a towing company relies on the businesses it serves. Let our team of experts offer top-notch service to keep you and your vehicle on the property, helping you earn money.

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Light-duty Towing

At Ricky's Towing, we provide light-duty towing services for smaller cars and motorcycles. Our team is knowledgeable in all types of vehicles and can provide you with fast, efficient service.  We specialize in providing light-duty towing services as our main business area. We have been helping customers in this area since the beginning of our operations. If you need towing services, let us help you and you'll understand why so many people repeatedly choose us.

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Long Distance Towing

Long distance towing is a crucial service offered by Ricky's Towing to assist vehicles stranded far away from their intended destinations. This type of towing involves transporting cars, trucks, or other automobiles across various states, by providing an effective means of getting these vehicles to their preferred locations.

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Junk Car Removal

Junk car removal service is a specialized service that focuses on removing old, damaged, or unused vehicles from people's properties. Ricky's Towing provides this service by hauling away these junk cars and disposing of them in an environmentally friendly manner.

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Specialty Towing

At Ricky’s Towing, specialty towing is a crucial aspect of our services. It refers to the type of towing that involves the transportation of large, heavy-duty vehicles that regular tow trucks cannot accommodate. Our specialty towing services cater to a broad range of vehicles, including buses, tractor-trailers, RVs, motorcycles, luxury cars, construction equipment, and more.

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Roadside Assistance

Our tow truck services include roadside assistance, which is crucial. We guarantee timely arrival and transportation of both you and your car to your desired destination in Virginia. You can completely trust us to provide you with top-notch roadside assistance.

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Tire Change Service

If you have a blown tire, let Ricky's Towing crew handle the replacement for you. We've been providing tire change assistance to our wonderful clients for many years. Sit back and relax while we take care of everything and get you back on the road in no time at all.

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Jump Start Service

For towing your car, it's better to choose Ricky's Towing rather than relying on a friend. We are always ready in our vehicles to attend to urgent calls from customers like you. Your friend, on the other hand, will have to interrupt his tasks to come and help you. By calling us, you can be sure that we are waiting for your call. And don't forget, we are the only tow truck service in town that offers excellent jump start services - only at Ricky's Towing.

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Gas Delivery Service

If you ever find yourself stranded on the side of the road without gas, don't worry. Contact Ricky's Towing for a gasoline delivery service. We'll provide either enough fuel to get you to the next gas station or fill up your tank completely- it's up to you!

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24/7 Emergency Service

Ricky's Towing is available to provide emergency assistance every day of the week, around the clock. We're always prepared to help you whenever you need us.

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Accident Recovery

If you've been in a car accident or have any car troubles and need help, you can count on Ricky's Towing. We're a top-rated tow truck service in Virginia, with many years of experience in emergency roadside assistance and towing. Our skilled drivers will take care of the problems so that you and your loved ones can concentrate on your safety.

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Lockout service

If you need help getting inside your car, then Ricky's Towing is the team to call. Our tow truck drivers can assist you quickly, even faster than the time it would take to have a donut and a cup of coffee.

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Parking Lot Enforcement

Parking lot enforcement is a vital aspect of Ricky's Towing operations. We make sure that parking rules and regulations are complied with within a designated parking lot.  That ensures that only those authorized to park their vehicles do so.  We work closely with property owners to enforce regulations covering unauthorized parking, illegal parking, and parking in reserved or handicapped spaces.

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Equipment Handling With Flatbed Tow Trucks

At Ricky's Towing, our flatbed tow trucks are designed with a large, flat platform that can accommodate a wide range of equipment, including cars, motorcycles, large machinery, and even boats.


With their hydraulic systems, our flatbed tow trucks can easily lower their platforms to ground level, allowing for easy loading and unloading of equipment.  In addition to the ease of loading, flatbed tow trucks provide a level of safety for the equipment being transported. Unlike traditional tow trucks, which haul vehicles using their front or back wheels, flatbed tow trucks carry the entire vehicle on their platform. This significantly reduces the risk of damage to the undercarriage, suspension, or other vulnerable parts of the equipment.